Rifle Range

Rifle Range Rules

1) Members and Guests MUST sign in

2.) Two Guests per Member. Guest Fee is $2.00 per Guest, per visit

3.) EYE and EAR Protection is required for all shooting while on the Range

4.) ALL shots MUST IMPACT the berm no higher than 5 feet from the base

5.) NO Alcohol on the Range

6.) NO SelectFireor “AutomaticFirearms, including SlideFireand BumpStocks

7.) ALL Shot and MultiProjectile Shells are PROHIBITED

8.) Firearms chambered for 50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) Rounds are PROHIBITED

9.) NO Exploding Targets of any kind

10.) NO Glass, Breakable or Thrown Targets. (Excluding STATIONARY Clay Birds.) 

11.) Firearms MUST be UNLOADED, actions OPEN, and NOT HANDLED while shooters are in front of the firing line

12.) Members are responsible for their Guests at all times. Guests MUST follow all Rifle Range Rules. 13.) Members have priority on the range

14.) Shooting Hours are from 8am until onehalf hour before Sunset

15.) Pick up brass and trash, and remove targets when finished shooting

16.) NO horseplay! Reckless shooting will be addressed

17.) NO CrossOver Shooting with ANY firearm, from ANY lane, toward targets in any other lane

18.) All Targets must be sat at the base of the berms

19.) DO NOT shoot drainage catch basin grates